About Our Church

Welcome to Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church. We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and one of two Presbyterian churches in Midland.

We believe that one of the greatest needs today is the need for a sense of belonging. Our lives are often so busy with schedules that have us running in all directions at lightning speed, that we need a place of sanctuary and peace.

Where do we find that peace? Where do we find rest for our souls? Where do we experience a place to breathe in the comfort of God’s spiritual presence in our lives? Where do we gain a footing and a grounding for life so that we can feel secure in the face of fear and the daily struggles of life? Where do we find reassurance that there is something, Someone of permanence and strength that we can rely upon and trust anew every morning?

At Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church, we seek to find that peace both in God’s Word and in the Christian community which serves as a mutual support and guide along this journey of faith. In this place, we find a purposefulness that energizes our souls and a spiritual connectedness that blossoms and intensifies as we grow in relationship with Christ and one another. 

Whether it’s in worship, prayer, study, service or fellowship, we gain strength by sharing with others who we are as Christians and what we are as disciples of the living Lord. And it is by grace that we come to know God and are set free from the burdens of this life so that we may share in a faith-filled life of peace, joy and mutual love.