There’s an old joke about our tradition: What do you call a Presbyterian? You call them the “frozen chosen.” Why? Because they believe 1] they are called by God to respond to the good news of Christ’s saving grace through loving discipleship (chosen) and 2] they are so committed to doing things “decently and in order,” that they have a hard time letting loose (frozen). 

Perhaps there’s a kernel of truth here. We do like worship that is theologically sound. We like our teachers and pastors to be well-educated. We like our prayers to be consistent with scripture. And we set high standards of ethics, integrity and church polity for our leadership boards. But one of the best parts of being Presbyterian is that we treasure our diversity, we respect differing opinions, and we are committed to the peace and unity of the church.

Another valuable aspect of being Presbyterian is that no matter what we are called to do within the life of the church, we are called to do it together, in community. Sometimes that makes our work a lot easier. And sometimes it makes our work more difficult, depending on how we each like to work. But as Presbyterians, we trust that we are called to "do" and to "be" church together. Jesus set that example for us by calling twelve disciples to engage in ministry with him. And even when they were asked to set out for a specific task, they were sent out, at least, two by two. 

Our Leadership is made up of Ruling Elders and a Board of Deacons. The Elders form a “Session” or governing body that oversees the spiritual life of the congregation, as well as being responsible for member care, administration, outreach and the stewardship of resources. And the Deacons are elected to serve as “mission hands” for the congregation. They help care for those in need through gifts of food, toiletries, medical supplies, housing needs and more.  


Session Leaders



Class of 2018

  • Nancy Frederixon
  • Sally Ginter-Coats
  • Ann Moe
  • Harry White

Class of 2019

  • Ron Hynds
  • Robert McGee
  • Wayne Stover

Class of 2020

  • Susan Gaul
  • Jennifer Hahn

Clerk of Session: Robert McGee 

Presbytery Commissioner: Harry White and Susan Gaul (alternate)


Chairperson: Elder Ann Moe

Class of 2018

  • Alice Wiltse

Class of 2019

  • Sally Ann Sutton

Class of 2020

  • Chris Greiman
  • Jim Mayer
  • Ad-hoc: Sally Ann Sutton

Christian Education

Chairperson: Elder Paul Teed

Jan Sutherland

Ann Moe

Holly Roenicke 

Sarah Wildfong

Gifts & Memorials

Chairperson: Dan Veresh

Carol Rowe 

Shirley McCutchen

Nancy McGilliard 

Membership & Growth

Chairperson: Nancy Frederixon

Mary Lou Kelly

Jennifer Mayer

Chris Powell

Barb Boyer 

Nominating Commitee

Chairperson: Elder Harry White

Bill Coats

Judy Brauer

Joyce Osborne

Personnel & Office Management

Chairperson: Sally Ginter-Coat

Stewards & Finance

Chairperson: Elder Harry White

Al Adams

Art Beagle 

Butch Brauer

Kyle Clark


Karla Beagle

Cathy Starch

Ron Hynds

Nancy Newman

James Winkler