Fellowship Events

At Chapel Lane, Christian fellowship is an important part of our growth as both a community and as individuals. We enjoy each other’s company and wisdom. We share in each other’s lives. We welcome each other’s gifts. And we look forward to sharing our trust in God through times of caring and sharing.

Some of our fellowship opportunities are age-specific, such as Summer Camp, Youth Fellowship, Children’s fellowship and our Fun in Faith adult fellowship group. At other times, our fellowship activities are open to all. 

In a given year, some of our intergenerational fellowship opportunities may include:

  • An annual Thanksgiving Dinner, along with a Share Fair that supports the mission programs of the church. 
  • A seasonal Talent Show to showcase and enjoy all of our local talent—whether it be musical talent, poetry, humor, or throwing pots, we revel in each gift offered.
  • An annual church picnic, usually at the end of the Church School year.
  • Mid-week dinners and programs for Advent and Lent.
  • Game nights, Ice Cream Socials, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinners, Dinner Theater, Baseball games and often round out the fellowship year.